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At WildVine Aussies, we strive to breed canine athletes with natural stock ability,  & proper conformation to create the “Versatile” Aussie.

We are dedicated to preserving the intelligence and beauty of the Australian Shepherd.

Our dogs excel as wonderful pets and love competition!  Our “kids” are competitors in the agility, conformation, herding and obedience arenas.

We breed puppies only occasionally to prepare our next generation of stars!

WildVine Aussies are bred to meet the ASCA & AKC breed standards for Australian Shepherds.  We maintain a minimum number of dogs in our home to allow us the appropriate time each individual needs to prepare for competition! 

Litters are carefully planned to minimize genetic inheritance of diseases found in the Australian Shepherd.  All dogs are DNA’d, OFA’d & CERF’d annually (prior to breeding).  At this time, we are not expecting any potential litters!

We are happy to answer any questions regarding this wonderful breed.  We are members of a local AKC kennel club, ASCA National organization & local ASCA affiliates along with USASA.  We are also very involved with obedience, agility & herding training opportunities in the Kansas City area and would be happy to answer any questions regarding these opportunities.

All content of this publication is solely owned and maintained by WildVine Aussies. 

Any use of the content of this publication is expressly forbidden without written authorization of the owner!

We are always ready to help with questions.  Please feel free to contact us!

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